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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Excerpt Chapter 1 Book 2 Released May 2013 Fantasy

Soon to be released this May, Book 2, Flight of a Changeling. Here's a tiny taster of Chapter 1, Deception.

The King’s skin crawled with a still chill as a caress of unnerving malevolence whispered through the air and sent a shudder down his spine. He felt that he was just awakening from a dream. For a moment, he hesitated, suddenly believing the idea preposterous that his son could find such a cure. Yet, catching sight of the delightful expression on Raphael’s young face at the herb nurse’s demonstrations, how could he withhold consent for this quest? He felt compelled to agree to this madness, yet he also felt coerced somehow as if an imposing force was constraining his better judgement.

Not read Book 1, Guardian Dragons yet? You can still download an e-copy or purchase the paperback on Amazon. $1.55 £1.02

Plus you can watch a 2 minute Book Trailer to give you an idea of the plot
Guardian Dragons Book Trailer

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