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Thursday, 28 February 2013

BOOK REVIEW The Last Days of Newgate

The Last Days of Newgate: A Pyke Mystery


Not normally my genre as I'm usually a Fantasy fan. However, probably my 2nd favourite, historical English crime.

I loved this book and find it baffling that it has received some poor reviews. 

Can't decide whether I like the main character yet, he has a good heart (I think) but has no qualms about murdering if he feels it's justified.

This plot had many ups and downs for me. Lots of those moments when you think 'how on earth is he going to get out of this one?' Yet he always does somehow.

Great historical details, never sure if they're correct in a fiction but I'm sure they're near enough. Fantastic detailed descriptions of the surroundings. Could almost feel and smell the poverty. Plenty of nasty two-faced aristocratic politicians who get their come-uppances.

We start in London, journey to Ireland and come back to the dank streets of London with plenty of descriptive words that make you feel like you're really there.

Will definitely be reading more of this author and this series

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Last Day for FREE ebook (Fantasy)

Yep yep yep folks, this is the last day to download an copy of my Fantasy Adventure, Guardian Dragons for your kindle.

My thanks go to

There are probably more sites that ran my promo but not all of them let you know due the high volume they must get.

For me this is just the start of a long haul. I've only published Part 1 of a series that will have 9 parts so I'm around for awhile yet.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and has downloaded my book Guardian Dragons
Your support is very much appreciated.

Now I await those very important feedbacks, private or public.

Blog It!

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Books Direct Online

THANKS GO TO booksdirectonline.blogspot for doing a fantastic article on my book Guardian Dragons. Plus they included all my links as follows:-

Lynda Dickson
About booksdirectonline

Day 1 of FREE ebook Fantasy Adventure

I am presently running a 3 day promo on Amazon. (Mon 25-Wed 27 Feb)

FREE ebook download, Fantasy Adventure, Guardian Dragons, Part 1

Also available as a paperback on Amazon.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Finding your Audience as an Author - Article

An article worth having a quick look at for Authors.
Writing the last sentence in your book can leave you feeling victorious. The hard part is over and now it’s time to throw yourself a party, right? Wrong. Writing a book is not the finish line for an author. In fact, it’s almost just the beginning.....

Author - Nicolas Gremion is the CEO of Paradise Publishers Inc., operators of, a social publishing network where members get support writing their books from peers and, where you can download thousands of eBooks for free.

Hollys Bargain ebooks

THANKS go to hollysbargainebooks 
for hosting Guardian Dragons on their blog.  

A very useful resource for READERS with coupons off and live links to many, many quality bargain books. Plus of course great for AUTHORS to request a platform for their books for a day. I've used this blog a couple of times now and it will continue to be on my Marketing list forever, well as long as they will have me. So look out for future books of the Aarabassa world series on this blog.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Time for an overhaul

After consulting with some fellow authors I have decided it's time to give this blog a complete overhaul. I will put a plan together that is going to dedicate the blog more to my book. I will also include my book reviews of books I'm reading. Plus articles from other authors. I'm at the planning stages and will try not to take the blog down. Hopefully this will improve the look, the content and gain me more readers.

I'll be back soon with a whole new look.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Excerpt of Guardian Dragons, Fantasy

GUARDIAN DRAGONS, Part 1, Book 1 (Part of the Aarabassa World series)

Chapter 25 A DISCOVERY

We are above Dygore, an old abandoned vamplin layer, Ramdon reminded his Queen. We can make a landing and shelter whilst we wait out the passing of this cloud.
Yes, Ramdon, that sounds reasonable. I see the retreat below she agreed.
Leading the group of dragons down, so they could shelter, Ramdon smelt the air for a clue of what the ever-growing cloud generated. It was now moving rapidly towards them. He hoped they would make it in time and get under cover before the dark moving cloud was upon them.
Head for the level that holds the landing bays, he Mindtalked to the other dragons. This was a section that had accommodated the landing of the huge flying basca.
Once he was sure his Queen was under the protected roof, he also landed and entered the strange warren of the vamplin lair. Giant black granite crags form strange phenomena upon the lands of the Dygore. In times gone by the vamplins had claimed them as homes and tunneled throughout to create chambers and corridors. Probably up to ten families could live within one lair. He had never been able to venture far within this run down den, because of his size, but he was aware that it had been left empty because it was too close to the mid-mountains. After the Serpent Wars the vamplins did not feel safe so near these mountains that neighboured with the Light Land dragons, whom they consider bitter enemies.
Ramdon kept his body in the shade but peered out at the encroaching cloud. It was beginning to take shape and now separated as a mass of little dots. The dots were moving individually. They had wings.
That’s most certainly not a cloud, he thought.
‘They draw nearer,’ he mumbled to himself.
‘They. Did you say they? Ramdon,’ the Queen asked, hearing his mumblings.
‘Yes, Queen Thimat. I can make out the shapes now and we have an army of vamplins riding upon their bascas. It is as well that we sought cover when we did. It would not do to confront them,’ Ramdon replied to his Queen.
‘Indeed Ramdon,’ she agreed. ‘We would be accused of spying and death can be the only punishment for such a crime in these wicked lands. They would never understand that all we seek is peace in the world.’
The dragons spoke no more, nor did they Mindtalk, lest the vamplins detect their signals.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Starting Afresh with book on Amazon

After much umming and aaaarrring I have decided the best way forward for my book on Amazon is to delete the full edition of Divided Realms, which is not selling. I have been in brief discussions with other authors via Facebook forums and it seems that a series may be the most appropriate way to approach my epic writing.

So I have made an Action Plan or a Business Plan, call it what you will but I have a plan.

Available now is Part 1, Guardian Dragons of Book 1 Divided Realms which is part of the Aarabassa World series in kindle version or paperback.

Guardian Dragons (Aarabassa World)

Divided Realms will be taken off the shelves until all 3 parts are released. That way avid fantasy adventure readers can buy the story in smaller installments rather than being bogged down with one big tale.

Personally, I prefer big thick books but I do believe there are so many books available now that readers are in their elements and wish to get through as many stories as possible. Who can blame them? I too am guilty of downloading the freebies to see if I can find a new author I like.

The reading market is wonderful, but as an author it is a bit daunting trying to understand the best marketing strategies.

I can only speak from my own experience and my big 430 page novel simply didn't sell. We can't say at this point in time, as no one has read it. So I will show my works to the public in smaller bits. It means that every time I produce approx. 50k words or 200 pages, I can go to press. Once I have completed the originally planned trilogy (now 9 books), then I will have reached my goal. I have to admit it alleviates the pressure somewhat as I know it will take me at least 12 months to produce Book 2. Now I can publish sooner with the first part.

Of course it doesn't help that I went on to Amazon to delete Divided Realms and possibly deleted the wrong book. Aaaahhhh, I wish I could just sit and write and not have to do all this marketing stuff.  Now I understand how the publishers feel. But to my zillions of fans out there, it will all resolve itself within a week - I hope.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Plan for Series instead of Trilogy

I'm quite excited at marketing Book 1 of the World of Aarabassa now that I have decided to produce it as a series. This is instead of producing it as a trilogy.

Because I am a bit of an epic writer each of my books average approx. 4-450 pages. That is quite a thick book so for those readers who prefer to read in installments, I am splitting each book into 3 parts.

Once the 3 parts are released I will then produce edition 2 of Book 1 with the splits all in one book.

So what is out now??

Book 1 Divided Realms, Part 1 - Guardian Dragons (Aarabassa World Series) Edition 2
Kindle Version or Paperback,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_.jpg
Book 1 Divided Realms with parts 1,2 & 3 Edition 1

Divided Realms (Arabassa World)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Release, Vampire genre

Click on following Blog for more details of sales:-

A Touch Too Much, Chris Lange

Goodreads Blurb:  

She shall bring death to the race of vampires.

If prophecies are to be trusted, Liv possesses the means to destroy creatures of the night. But in the real world vampires don't exist. At least not until one of them scents her. And pursues her.

As she flees to save her life, she feels the power in her blood. The power that might eradicate a world of violence and darkness. The power that enchains her to the most ruthless vampire of all.