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Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Soldier's Death - Excerpt from a Fantasy Book

Guardian Dragons; Book 1; Chapter 4 A Soldier's Death:

The old soldier had already had his turn but needed to rest again. A cold sweat on his brow slithered a wet streak down his cheek. No other complained when he took an extra break, the ranks respected him. Removing his hat, he wiped his bony bald head with a forest-green necktie, and unfastened the top button of his uniformed jacket. He could feel his throat constricting and swelling, as if the gap for breathing was getting smaller. Pulsating cramps continued to squeeze in his stomach. A burning in his throat choked the breath from his lungs. Falling from the chair with numbed legs, a heavy pain throbbed on the insides of his arms, and over the bones of his chest. He burned up, yet shivered uncontrollably. The guard posted nearest to the resting table ran to help him. He found the old man lying on the floor trembling with a grey pallor to his cold clammy skin.
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Friday, 26 December 2014

Forces are stirring - new description for fantasy book 1

For the New Year I hope to be renewing all my book covers for the fantasy series set in the fantasy world of Aarabassa.

I'm also rewriting all the book descriptions and have already replaced the "blurb" description of book 1 Guardian Dragons: Here's the new take on it:-

The world of Aarabassa is at peace!

But for how long?

Evil is locked safely in the Darklands, sealed behind a magic wall. Yet behind it, the Wraith Emperor's powers grow, as he rules the Vamplin army.

Mad with grief, the Human King is losing control.

Forces are stirring

Will the Wall remain?

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Quote - Fantasy Book 1 Guardian Dragons

Book 1 - Guardian Dragons Link to Amazon Sale Page

Chapter 3 The Enchanting Healer

‘What are those words you sing old woman?’ Padray dared to ask her.‘Words that’ll save yer livestock, ye stupid oaf,’ she retorted as if insulted. ‘I work in strange ways. I’ve brought many a young un into this wretched world, so let me get on without all yer interruptions.’ ...The grateful farmer watched his wife take the old woman into their home to welcome her.Rikka had found her village.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Amazing 5* Review for Fantasy Omnibus

I'm so proud and happy to announce the recent 5* review on my latest release of an omnibus of all three fantasy books. These are moments to share:-

5.0 out of 5 stars A great fantasy for young and old!!! December 17, 2014

I had the great pleasure of reading this series in exchange for an honest review. I am so very glad that I agreed! What an exciting fantasy adventure from beginning to end! At first, I kept thinking, hm, where is this going? But then I was completely and entirely immersed in the story. Some characters I came to love and others, not so much. The character development and the plot line were very well written and executed. And as a parent, I would have absolutely no problem allowing my boys to read this series. The fantastical world this series is set in, was wonderfully developed and gave the reader the sense of actually being there. A great imaginative story that will not disappoint! If you are in the market for a new fantasy read or just an all around great story, give the Aarabassa World a try and lose yourself in a great work of art! 

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