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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Need a Freelance Ghostwriter?

I haven't been on the blog for a while as I've been a busy bee, building up my freelance ghostwriting business.

Yep, I'm now accepting requests for ghostwriting contracts. So what does this all mean?

I will write your story for you, or I will write regular blog articles, if you're short of time.

In the last year I have written over 110 eBooks, ranging from 5k to full novels at 70k, as a ghostwriter.

I am taking on both fiction and non-fiction contracts.

The non-fiction tends to be short self-help guides or blog articles. I do all the research for you, and as a result, you have yourself a book or an article.

I hand over all copyrights, happy to sign legal documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement.

This is just a quick blog update, but I'll be back to provide more useful information.

Meanwhile, contact me if you need that book or blog article writing, and we can discuss your needs.

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