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Friday, 29 March 2013

The Real Reality of Self Publishing

I just had to share this article, it is witty, quite honest, and makes a very good point to the reality of whether or not to self publish. why-indie-authors-are-like-naked-emperors

Matthew Gasda  •  Mar 27, 2013 Indie Reader             

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Update on Catherine's Universe

Well so far no one has sent me any articles about any fantasy worlds (see previous articles on this blog), so I can begin my own universe.

Meanwhile, before the big rush I'm attempting to create an image of space which will show stars. Each star will link to a fantasy world. At the present time there will only be one star in the whole of the universe, and that will be the World of Aarabassa.

Upon writing this article though, I am having difficulties finding an image whereby I can include many links. So for now you are all forgiven,  until I can sort this image out that will have many links. Once this is done, I will blitz all you fantasy fans to join my universe.

I love the world of make believe ...

Preview a Fantasy Chapter

Preview a Chapter of Guardian Dragons

This is a call to all those who like to do reviews but don't want to read the whole book. I'm seeking opinions on a chapter of my new fantasy series.

If you read it and like it perhaps you may wish to buy it at:- OR OR whichever Amazon your country links to.

Appreciate all the support and help that readers provide.

The Chosen Path of an Author

This article was shared on an FB forum today and I had to chuckle at the how true these points are. Doesn't change the world but brings to home the difficulties we authors put upon ourselves just as any artiste does. Ours is a chosen path but that just makes it harder because we don't want to step off.

Matt Haig: 'People like your books more if other people like them'

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I'm Giving Away a Chapter

THANKS TO for promoting my fantasy book by publishing chapter 16 The Chase.

In my search for ways of promoting my book I come across many different types of marketing. Different forms of author interview techniques, articles, tweets, facebook and the list goes on. This one, however, is one of my favourite as I get to actually give fantasy readers a whole chapter. If you read this and enjoy then please follow the links and buy the ebook or the paperback and then when you get a chance, let me know what you think please.

Book 2, Flight of a Changeling, due to be released mid May 2013.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Global Book Contest 2013

How would you like to invite you to enter Global Book Contest 2013 and please pass the word to your fellow writers about it:
The Competition is open to all authors in the United States, Canada, Australia and UK.
Open to self-published or independent publishers, digital and POD too, for work published January 2011 to present.
Grand prize: One hour book marketing consultation with Brian Jud, a reading by traditional publishing agent and a listing in Publishers Weekly Direct (their ebook section).
Other great prizes too!!! Up to $1,000 in books and promotions. Including entry into $100 Amazon Card Drawing.
Deadline: April 30, 2013
Entry: $50 per title

Creative Scene Investigation - Reviews

I want to say BIG THANK YOU in advance to  creative scene investigation.

A blog site that investigates and reviews. The owner of the blog is friendly and polite. You can just tell these things without meeting someone with how they communicate with you.

My book is going to be reviewed by this blog. It will be a few weeks before I run the article as I'm in a queue (there are so many of us after all). I'm really looking forward to the feedback, good or bad as all is constructive.

So let's hear it for Genevieve ~ Big round of applause. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Meanwhile if anyone else would like a free e-copy to review, then please contact me. Or if you just fancy a new Fantasy series then here it is - Guardian Dragons:- $1.52 £1.02

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Promo Article - Wonderful

I would like to thank for doing a wonderful promo article on my fantasy series, Book 1, 

In return I hope to do an Author Guest Blog shortly on Lizzy Stevens - Watch This Space.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jolly Good Editing Tips

Let me first say I'm not one to give other authors and writers advice, as I do not consider myself quite 'there' yet. However, I know a good article when I see one, so I would like to guide you to this blog article. I suppose I was drawn to it, as it pretty much reflects how I write and edit. For me it takes years to write one book, all be it a thick book. Mind you, I'm personally a bit of an epic kinda writer. Anyway, I digress, do pop into this link and have a peek, I think it's useful info for ANY kinda writer.


The musings and offerings of Mark Cassell. Writer, friend, countryman. . .

Editing your novel? Burn your words!
As writers we must understand the first draft of our novel will never shine. Writing is all about editing. As the muse thunders through my skull injecting ideas into my brain I never want to stop him. That little dude is having too much fun, so I don't interrupt. I join him, letting the words tumble out, while fighting the urge to entertain another entity in my head: the inner-editor. He slaps me, often mocking me, when my spelling and grammar stumbles, or I structure a sentence so badly he grabs my feet and tries tripping me. Dragging him behind as he kicks and screams, I follow the other guy. My friend, my muse. He's the man.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Book Review - Toxic, Vicki V Lucas

Vicki V. Lucas

A lovely tale that follows 3 young heroes/heroin on a journey that tests their beliefs and skills. We meet a magical horse and are chased by some tough baddies. The characters were a little reminiscent of the children and the lion in the Witch and the Wardrobe. There are also a few religious connotations to the plot. My favourite character, if it was one, was the wind but I never quite understood it's role as it didn't seem to get involved in the unraveling plot. A beautifully Written tale though and a good read for any fantasy fans. 

Toxic by Vicki V. Lucas

The Imaginary World of Aarabassa

Aarabassa is world set in half twilight and darkness and half sunlight & bright sunshine. This is because one side never spins towards the sun. Hence we have the Darklands and Lightlands.

There are two moons that rotate separately thus creating Dayloon and Nytloon. When the blue-silver moon is within the sky it is known as Dayloon, the creatures of the Lightlands are awake. When the red-orange moon is within the sky it is known as nytloon and most of the creatures within the Lightlands are at rest.

Further separating the two lands is a Magic Wall. This was created by a mage to stop the evil monshaads from entering the Lightlands. The dragons live in the mid-mountains of the Lightlands near the Magic Wall. Only the dragons and Changelings can pass through the magic barrier. 

Not all creatures within the Darklands are evil. There also live the vamplins. These are human like civilised people. Their skin is very pale because they have never lived within the brightness. They farm and feed upon the blood of a huge creature called the Beetling. They live within ichales, buildings made of ice, and also within caves. They do not kill to feed. The evil monshaads rule the Darklands. These are wraiths of yellow and green gasses. They often take the shape of a human with a cloak and hood but they have no real form of body. They are the results of evil magic and communicate by Mindtalk. They are also capable of possessing the innocent to do their will. There are other races such as the elves, who live underground. 

Within the Lightlands there exists humans, dwarves, centaurs, dragons and fairies. A royal family rule the human lands from the city of Beldroth. Within the oceans exist a race of mer-people called huphins. They are highly intelligent and rule all the creatures of the oceans. Another place within the Lightlands are the desert lands. Here exist a race of lizard people known as listards who’s main aim in life is to make money. They also deal in transport across the desert lands.  Their neighbours are a race of antoids (giant ant people) known as myeaz. The myeaz run the mines of precious stones.  All races within the Lightlands trade with one another. Generally the Lightland creatures are a happy lot. 

To learn more about the people and adventures of Aarabassa you might wish to read Part 1 of my new fantasy series. This is titled Guardian Dragons and is available as an e-book and paperback from Amazon worldwide.

You can also watch the  Book Trailer

Any other fantasy or sci fi fans out there, please send me a brief of your imaginary world so I can add it my universe of new worlds.

Tell me about your imaginary worlds

Today I had an epiphany, my quest is to find all the different worlds in everyone’s imagination.
I love to write and make believe, but my second love is the the wonders of the universe. I am absolutely fascinated by all the different theories of that never ending space. I love to read them all and soak in the information like I am a big sponge and just want more. The thought of so many possibilities is simply mind boggling. I’ve met some people who find it terrifying and truly do not like the thought that we spin around in a never ending space just waiting to be gobbled up by the black holes within.

Background ~ Venusian SunsetTemari 09's photostream 

I invite all you fantasy and sci fi thinkers to tell me about your worlds. You may include the people and creatures and even the different cultures but try not to focus on any particular characters. This is a collation of worlds and not the adventures within them.

I am no expert, not an astrologer or even an astronomer, I cannot draw, I cannot write music or even sing but I do possess the will to create. I will begin my quest with my own world and await for others to join mine in this imaginary universe or, if we get too many it can be a multiverse. There can never be too many as the space is supposedly never ending so we can all fit our worlds within.

I ask that you try not to talk about your books or the characters, there are plenty of other blogs for that. I want your imaginary worlds, this is after all my quest. By all means give a link to any books that take place within these worlds at the end of your piece, because if readers like your worlds they will most certainly want to investigate them, I know I will. Let’s also not get too involved in the technicalities of whether or not our worlds can conceivably exist, this is a collation of imagination. Maybe these are remnants of our memories  and who’s to say these are not places we have been in our past lives, whoa there goes my imagination running away again.

To start the collection of a humans’ ideas of one of the worlds within the multiverse of imagination, I will give you the world of Aarabassa. This will be my next article and will give you an idea of what I am seeking in my quest. Meanwhile feel free to send me those articles to of which I will include in my quest on this blog and I will notify you when your world is to be showcased.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Guardian Dragon's Trailer just released

I'm very excited to announce the release of a trailer for my book Guardian Dragons.
Guardian Dragons Trailer
It might still need tweeking a bit here and there but for a first effort I am very pleased with it. My eldest son put it together for me and it was ready for Mother's Day so I had a great day.

I've tried to focus it on the main events and characters of the story and perhaps may have given away a bit of the plot but it's only done in an abstract way. It's 2 minutes long so that should be short and to the point.

Scene 1 Book cover for the introduction
Scene 2  an abstract scene of the pro-log
Scene 3 an opening scene from Chapter 1
Scene 4 A shot of Heather, our heroin, Changed into a huphin (mermaid)
Scene 5 A drawing of the human king looking pretty miserable as he's possessed by the evil Emperor
Scene 6 The best drawing I could find that described my evil monshaad creatures
Scene 7 A brief explanation of what the dragons overhear the vamplins discussing
Scene 8 The dragon Queen takes this news to the Ancient Mage, a Changeling
Scene 9 Finishing with a picture of Rikka, a witch

We decided not to put the link information on the video itself as no one can link into it in that method, but the info is in the 'description' which are the words just below the video screen.

 I would welcome any feedback if anyone has a chance to pop along and have a quick look.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Molly Green's Blog full of information for authors

I follow the blog of Molly Green and this is a link to her latest article. Interesting for new authors who might be feeling a little overwhelmed. I find this blog really useful as a new author often with great tips. You can read previous articles as the headings more or less indicate what the article was about.

This post was written by writer Kathy Lynn Hall.
'Don’t be deceived by the fairytale visions of your writing dream. It is not sweet, nor patient, nor kind. It demands attention and care … or it WILL die.'

Book Goodies

I just submitted my book to for free exposure! Thanks!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Marketing Strategies for an Author

What am I up to of late? Learning, is my answer. I'm busy trying to learn all the marketing strategies to tell the world I'm an author, please read me.

I have an account in Goodreads, a great place to talk about my favourite pastime - books. I have just updated to an Author Account. I hadn't realised this was the done thing on Goodreads and now I have announced this, I'm hoping other members might have a look at my book.

I'm also putting together a trailer and really enjoying the planning stages. That's as far as my participation goes as I'm hoping someone with the know-how will actually achieve my dream trailer. I felt it was really important to do this for Part 1 as this is the book that begins the tale. However, it will take time so unfortunately it's not about to happen at this exact moment. Certainly I will be very loud when it's ready for release.

I'm also looking into the podcast side of things. The plan in my head at the moment is to podcast each chapter separately but, I still need to educate myself on this one. If this is possible then I have to consider who's voice will tell the tale. I'd like Stephen Fry but somehow I don't think he'll be available for a new indie author. My second choice would be a lovely Irish or Scottish lilt but that's also unlikely. So I think it will end up being myself with my broad Yorkshire accent. Again, I'll shout if and when this happens.

Finally, I'm trying to find a good cover for Part 2, The Flight of the Changeling. This is due to be released in May 2013 so I'm presently concentrating a lot of my efforts at finalising the last stages.

If you haven't managed to read Part 1 Guardian Dragons yet, then please grab a copy and let me know what you think.