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Monday, 11 February 2013

Starting Afresh with book on Amazon

After much umming and aaaarrring I have decided the best way forward for my book on Amazon is to delete the full edition of Divided Realms, which is not selling. I have been in brief discussions with other authors via Facebook forums and it seems that a series may be the most appropriate way to approach my epic writing.

So I have made an Action Plan or a Business Plan, call it what you will but I have a plan.

Available now is Part 1, Guardian Dragons of Book 1 Divided Realms which is part of the Aarabassa World series in kindle version or paperback.

Guardian Dragons (Aarabassa World)

Divided Realms will be taken off the shelves until all 3 parts are released. That way avid fantasy adventure readers can buy the story in smaller installments rather than being bogged down with one big tale.

Personally, I prefer big thick books but I do believe there are so many books available now that readers are in their elements and wish to get through as many stories as possible. Who can blame them? I too am guilty of downloading the freebies to see if I can find a new author I like.

The reading market is wonderful, but as an author it is a bit daunting trying to understand the best marketing strategies.

I can only speak from my own experience and my big 430 page novel simply didn't sell. We can't say at this point in time, as no one has read it. So I will show my works to the public in smaller bits. It means that every time I produce approx. 50k words or 200 pages, I can go to press. Once I have completed the originally planned trilogy (now 9 books), then I will have reached my goal. I have to admit it alleviates the pressure somewhat as I know it will take me at least 12 months to produce Book 2. Now I can publish sooner with the first part.

Of course it doesn't help that I went on to Amazon to delete Divided Realms and possibly deleted the wrong book. Aaaahhhh, I wish I could just sit and write and not have to do all this marketing stuff.  Now I understand how the publishers feel. But to my zillions of fans out there, it will all resolve itself within a week - I hope.

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