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Monday, 28 January 2013

Reminder of FREE ebook today & tomorrow only

Yep - tomorrow is the last day of my Amazon 5 day promotion offering my ebook for FREE. ALL feedback will be greatly accepted.

Divided Realms (Arabassa World)

Book Review - The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night Gena Showalter 3/5

Let me emphasize this is a very well written book but It's just not my cup of tea. The plot is good and character build up is good. However, too much romance for me. I'm afraid I couldn't finish it as I had enough of the extra handsome immortals. However, if you like romance then it is a good read. My 3 stars are purely because of my personal preference of genre only.

Friday, 25 January 2013

BOOK REVIEW - A Hidden Fire

A Hidden Fire (Elemental Mysteries, #1) 


Thoroughly good read. Lovely teasing romance between leading female and leading male characters. Tense slowly unraveling plot that you never quite get to the bottom of, which of course makes you want the next book. I liked the Welsh vampire but was a little confused at the ancient small female vampire. I just couldn't quite vision her flying around. A great baddy vampire who sort of gets his come-uppance. Definitely recommend for vampire fans.

FREE download e book today

The time has arrived for my FREE offer on Amazon of my Fantasy Adventure novel, Divided Realms, to be downloaded FREE. I am running this from 25-29 January.
Divided Realms (Arabassa World)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Joleene Naylor  - An independent author, freelance artist and photographer for fun who loves anime, music and writing. Check out her vampire series Amaranthine at

Thanks Joleen for doing an article on your blog and showing the following excerpt from my book:-

A small boy moaned in a dark damp cave, deep in the Ginnung mid-mountains. It was not his imminent death that he feared, though that would be a relief. It was that Morte-Bielz was not to end the agonising torment he was afflicting, not even in death could he escape this evil monshaad. The Emperor had threatened to continue his persecution long after Raphael’s death, upon his mortal soul. For a long time Raphael had endured the continual loud screeching that bounded around the walls of the cave, echoing down the passageways and never ceasing. His eyes and ears bled with the pressure that Morte-Bielz inflicted on him with the Mindtalk. His bones ached; his muscles had stiffened and throbbed with pain. His body felt raw, with no skin for protection. Hunger had ceased long ago but his dry cracked lips bled with pain as he pleaded for water. He had stopped drinking from the small pool that he had managed to crawl to, it was nothing but salted water, which made him crave a drink even more. The twisted torment did not end at the physical pain. The emperor had filled Raphael’s young mind with his own twisted hatred for humankind. He had graphically described the slow deaths he was going to inflict on human villages when he, once again, would be upon the Light Lands. He told him of cruel events gone by and worse yet to come.

For a short while, the emperor was quiet as if relishing his thoughts. On the rare moments that the monshaad creature was not present in his mind, he tried to sleep; this was a means of escaping the reality of his world.

Again, the tormenting words began.

Did you know boy, that it was I who killed your mother?

Raphael hated this foul creature. How could he know of his mother? What mischief was he up to now?

She would not let me have your soul when I entered into her mind. Oh Yesss, I entered her mind because she was ill with fever from your body feeding off her like a leach. She was a fool to refuse me. No one refuses my orders; I poisoned her blood and twisted your bones. She died in agony fearing for the innocent little child in her womb. I told her that I would ensure her child did not live long. Ohhh how she wept. Once I was in her mind I simply would not let go.

Raphael listened to the horrific laughing of the foul creature. He did not feel saddened. He would not let this entity take over his mind. He must stay strong for as long as he could hold out.

She disobeyed me and I could not get to her soul. You see it is her fault that you are so ill. She selfishly passed on to the Realm of the Dead so I punished you instead and twisted your spine.

The boy could only cry dry tears. He had no strength. He tried to fight death because this would not end the suffering. The emperor had threatened that his soul would be imprisoned for all eternity in the Dark Lands or until the monshaad Lords fed upon him. He did not want to think of his mother and the agony she must have gone through before her death.

I have news for you boy. Again a short silence whilst he thought he could hear the emperor breathing heavily. The humans will soon have a new king.

During the silence that followed this news, Raphael could not understand what the monshaad had meant. His thoughts were confused and he could only conclude that his father’s illness had become worse.

Your father will soon be dead and I will devour his soul. Am I not kind to make your brother a king? Now it is also time for you to face the final moments of your paltry life.

The emperor spoke no more. Raphael felt his pained body being dragged along the hardened floor to the centre of the cave. His skin shredded until he bled, leaving a trail on the rough rocks. For a moment, the pulling motion ceased and then his legs shot violently up into the air. Left there to dangle, his feet were dragged higher and his head swayed close to the hard ground. Blood pumped rapidly through the veins in his head, pounding with a soft rhythm in his eardrums, his stomach heaved as he felt bile slither into his throat. He coughed up blood and spat it to the dusty floor. His limbs ached with the agonising position as he dangled in mid air. His arms fell downwards; he knew he was weakening to the point of no return. It was strange that the emperor had left him alone in his last moments. At least he could pass from life peacefully.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been unconscious because the emperor hadn’t returned yet. A faint hissing sounded very near by, he tried to open his puffy eyes. Something was entering the cave, he could just make out a long dark shape, like a giant snake, slithering towards him. Raphael did not care if the snake poisoned his body; there would be less for Morte-Bielz when he returned.
The snake swiftly coiled itself around the little human body in slow gentle movements.

‘You can only kill me snake, ‘Raphael croaked a whisper from his throat. ‘Get on with it. Are you not hungry? You are welcome to feast on me but I am wasted bones and will not fill the likes of you.’

The snake had all but covered Raphael’s bony body and the boy waited for the crushing, fearing no pain.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

PRESENTLY READING - A Hidden Fire, E Hunter

A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1

Geist (A Book of the Order) 


This is definitely my kind of tale. Skilled magicians, bit of romance, bit of battling, plenty of baddies. I rather wish the male character involved in the romance with the leading lady, had been given a bigger role. I'd hoped his character would develop a little more but he went off into the oceans. Although the ending was good, it wasn't as strong as the rest of the plot. There just wasn't enough build up to the part where we find out 'who done it' so to speak. Somehow it drifted off a bit. That aside this is a well written story. I already have the next book so would highly recommend if you like a good page turner.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Diary Date for a FREE download

Just 2 weeks to go to download a FREE e-copy of my book Divided Realms from Amazon. If you're a fantasy adventurer and can't wait for a freebie then follow the link to purchase at a minimum price.
Divided Realms (Arabassa World)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

A book for a mouse?!

Feeling very proud of my debut book finally in print thanks to the Amazon's CreateSpace, I went ahead and purchased a copy.

Finally it arrives so I pull all available family members together to do the drum roll while I open said package. Wow, just look at that, a real shiny book, hah I'm surely an official author now.

Opens pages ...... drrrrmrmrmrmm ....HORROR, Oh my gosh, I hope no one else has bought a copy ~ the print is so teeny tiny even a mouse would have difficulty reading it!!!

Immediately pulls open computer laptop and onto Amazon and cancels said guilty book.

Yep, you can tell I'm a beginner, that inexperienced indie author. What a boo boo. So now I can't change the bit I need to change as it's locked. Email help desk, 48 hours later still no answer.

Will announce to the world when I finally go back out to the public.

Meanwhile my published book is still there for me to stare at on the computer screen in Amazon, it now states 'Out of Stock'.

 An indie author's life is such a hard one!!!

Thank you to Bargain eBooks


Many thanks for running an article on my very 1st published novel (kindle version) Divided Realms and attaching a review I have on Amazon UK

“Really enjoyed it. Hugely descriptive and you can empathise and care for each character  with some twists and turns in the story. Prepare to be fully engrossed.  Can`t wait till next one”

If you're a Fantasy Adventurer then have a peek

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Update of Quest

Tonight I'm just going to do a general chit chat update.

I'm trying to do little spoilers on my blog of the main characters in my book Divided Realms. I personally know each of my characters, inside out and backwards way round. Yet when it comes to telling you about them, suddenly I can't find the words. How weird, 'cos these guys have been my friends for such a long time. Anyway I've managed to do a brief on the three princess plus the Changeling, but I don't want to give too much away so it's just a teaser.

Also, I've just managed to complete the process of making my book available in print via the CreateSpace on Amazon. Surprisingly it really wasn't that difficult. The only problem is that you don't know what the book is going to look like in actual print. You can only do an imaginary copy in your head. I think I've got all the fine details correct but I suppose we'll know once I purchase a copy and have a good look at it.

Now then, I'm constantly bothering you all with my dates for the FREE download. I should have done my FREEBIES sooner but inexperience is teaching me lots. I always say that you cannot expect your children to learn by your own mistakes, they need to make their own, unfortunately. Well, much the same with new self publishing authors. It is a vast minefield out there. Some contacts you come across are really nice people, but mostly they are in much the same position as yourself, new and lost. I will, of course, plod on and go forth into battle but I have to say, I thought writing was hard but marketing is much, much harder. I'm simply not ruthless enough for this game. So finally the hubby said, ok spend some money on your marketing, and I breathed a big sigh of relief thinking it would get easier because trying to hook up to all the freebies is like begging for dry bread. I haven't yet paid out any money because I haven't yet found out who to go with. I'm busy trying to sift through the genuine publicity sites from the 'naf' ones. You know, those that promise the earth and deliver nothing. It's now a case of 'Who do I go with?' 'Who can I trust?' Boy oh boy, it's a minefield. So, any suggestions would be much appreciated from like minded indie authors.

Finally, while all this is going on I'm still trying to write Book 2 and end up with so little time to do so that I wonder if it's all worth it. Is it? Yes, of course it is because I love what I do.

I agree that there are many readers out there that are now living on Free Downloads and good for them, I do it myself. However, the system is better than it was. As an artist we are now 'looked at'. Those hundreds of paper rejections are gone and replaced by a mega battle of technology to find the best ways to get yourself noticed in the saturated market of e-books. So, if you're going to do it then be prepared or go out there and work hard, or otherwise get yourself a nine to five job, cos this one has much longer hours.

Ok, finished for today. That's my two penny's worth done with.  Come back to me if you have anything to add.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Character Give Away

Today we shall discuss Heather. She is the Changeling which means, with training, she can Change into any living creature she desires to be. Her childhood sweetheart is the middle Prince Leon. As a young teenager she is quite a spoilt and annoying character. As the tale progresses she quickly matures during her travels to assist the Lightlands in their quest to stop the monshaad Emperor from hurting the kidnapped Prince Raphael.

She journeys on a horse she can communicate with, through the Forest of Fairies. Moving on to the Dragon's Lair where she crosses through the Magic Barrier to meet with the evil monshaad Emperor and falls in love with the Leading Vamplin Lord Fiendrac.

Want to know more about her adventures - then please go ahead and purchase the full tale on Amazon

Oh Yeah We're Getting There?!

Just a mere 21 Days to a FREE download of my book Divided Realms as a kindle version on Amazon
It's worth putting in your diary 'cos it's worth reading. Of course if you can't wait that long then go ahead and purchase a copy RIGHT NOW on the links for a small fee. Then once you've traveled the journey of this epic fantasy tale, maybe you can leave that all important feedback that authors love to read.
Divided Realms (Arabassa World)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Character Taster

A major character from Book 1 Divided Realms (an upcoming trilogy of the Aarabassa World). 

AMOS heir to the throne. He is the eldest of the three human brothers (approx 21 yrs in human terms). He loves both his younger brothers and tries to make up for the lack of love his father, the king, shows to his youngest brother Raphael.

His journey in Book 1 takes him to a huphin (merpeople) city. On his way there he has a run in with some sharks that are controlled by the evil monshaad Emperor. He then journeys on to the other side of the ocean which is desert land. Here he meets with listards (lizard people) and antoids (ant people). He is imprisoned and meets up with a character who will become his protector and very good friend.

That's all for now, just a little character taster.

Want to know more??

You can purchase a kindle version of Divided Realms for a small fee on
Amazon UK
Divided Realms (Arabassa World)

Another Day Nearer to a FREE Download of my Book

Yep Only 22 days to go to download a FREE version of my book Divided Realms (Fantasy). From 25-29 January you can have yourself a really good read. Maybe then you'd like to leave that all important feedback on Amazon, authors really appreciate this kind of help. I also leave feedback for every book I read because I understand how precious it is when someone takes the time to tell you what they think of all your hard work. So go on - get yourself a copy. If you can't wait that long then follow the links and purchase a copy for a very small fee.
Amazon UK

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


A major character from Book 1 Divided Realms (an upcoming trilogy of the Aarabassa World).

LEON - The MIDDLE of three princes. His childhood sweetheart is the Changeling, Heather and daughter to the Head Mage of the Academy of Magic. Leon adores his little brother Raphael and frequently plays toy soldiers with him. He is a typical teenage boy of any generation and any race. He likes girls and adventure. He and Heather often get up to immature mischief together by playing tricks on other people. During the tale however, he matures very quickly when he is sent on an adventure single handed to inform other races of the coming war and invite them to his city for the Council Meeting. He meets with dwarves, centaurs and local tribal natives. He has a strange dream or two and partners up with a dog.

The first 3 people to answer the following question will be emailed a copy of the Divided Realms Book 1 (in mobi or pdf version). If you like Fantasy Adventure then you'll love this tale of good versus bad, of family life, of dwarves, dragons and centaurs. Perhaps you may consider leaving that all important feedback on this blog or on Amazon.

QUESTION: Who is Leon's childhood sweetheart?

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I'm happy to announce that my book will be available as a FREE download for Kindle from 25 Jan to (& including) 29 Jan on Amazon worldwide. Meanwhile it's only £1.53 OR $2.47
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