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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


A major character from Book 1 Divided Realms (an upcoming trilogy of the Aarabassa World).

LEON - The MIDDLE of three princes. His childhood sweetheart is the Changeling, Heather and daughter to the Head Mage of the Academy of Magic. Leon adores his little brother Raphael and frequently plays toy soldiers with him. He is a typical teenage boy of any generation and any race. He likes girls and adventure. He and Heather often get up to immature mischief together by playing tricks on other people. During the tale however, he matures very quickly when he is sent on an adventure single handed to inform other races of the coming war and invite them to his city for the Council Meeting. He meets with dwarves, centaurs and local tribal natives. He has a strange dream or two and partners up with a dog.

The first 3 people to answer the following question will be emailed a copy of the Divided Realms Book 1 (in mobi or pdf version). If you like Fantasy Adventure then you'll love this tale of good versus bad, of family life, of dwarves, dragons and centaurs. Perhaps you may consider leaving that all important feedback on this blog or on Amazon.

QUESTION: Who is Leon's childhood sweetheart?

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