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Thursday, 10 January 2013

A book for a mouse?!

Feeling very proud of my debut book finally in print thanks to the Amazon's CreateSpace, I went ahead and purchased a copy.

Finally it arrives so I pull all available family members together to do the drum roll while I open said package. Wow, just look at that, a real shiny book, hah I'm surely an official author now.

Opens pages ...... drrrrmrmrmrmm ....HORROR, Oh my gosh, I hope no one else has bought a copy ~ the print is so teeny tiny even a mouse would have difficulty reading it!!!

Immediately pulls open computer laptop and onto Amazon and cancels said guilty book.

Yep, you can tell I'm a beginner, that inexperienced indie author. What a boo boo. So now I can't change the bit I need to change as it's locked. Email help desk, 48 hours later still no answer.

Will announce to the world when I finally go back out to the public.

Meanwhile my published book is still there for me to stare at on the computer screen in Amazon, it now states 'Out of Stock'.

 An indie author's life is such a hard one!!!

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