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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Update of Quest

Tonight I'm just going to do a general chit chat update.

I'm trying to do little spoilers on my blog of the main characters in my book Divided Realms. I personally know each of my characters, inside out and backwards way round. Yet when it comes to telling you about them, suddenly I can't find the words. How weird, 'cos these guys have been my friends for such a long time. Anyway I've managed to do a brief on the three princess plus the Changeling, but I don't want to give too much away so it's just a teaser.

Also, I've just managed to complete the process of making my book available in print via the CreateSpace on Amazon. Surprisingly it really wasn't that difficult. The only problem is that you don't know what the book is going to look like in actual print. You can only do an imaginary copy in your head. I think I've got all the fine details correct but I suppose we'll know once I purchase a copy and have a good look at it.

Now then, I'm constantly bothering you all with my dates for the FREE download. I should have done my FREEBIES sooner but inexperience is teaching me lots. I always say that you cannot expect your children to learn by your own mistakes, they need to make their own, unfortunately. Well, much the same with new self publishing authors. It is a vast minefield out there. Some contacts you come across are really nice people, but mostly they are in much the same position as yourself, new and lost. I will, of course, plod on and go forth into battle but I have to say, I thought writing was hard but marketing is much, much harder. I'm simply not ruthless enough for this game. So finally the hubby said, ok spend some money on your marketing, and I breathed a big sigh of relief thinking it would get easier because trying to hook up to all the freebies is like begging for dry bread. I haven't yet paid out any money because I haven't yet found out who to go with. I'm busy trying to sift through the genuine publicity sites from the 'naf' ones. You know, those that promise the earth and deliver nothing. It's now a case of 'Who do I go with?' 'Who can I trust?' Boy oh boy, it's a minefield. So, any suggestions would be much appreciated from like minded indie authors.

Finally, while all this is going on I'm still trying to write Book 2 and end up with so little time to do so that I wonder if it's all worth it. Is it? Yes, of course it is because I love what I do.

I agree that there are many readers out there that are now living on Free Downloads and good for them, I do it myself. However, the system is better than it was. As an artist we are now 'looked at'. Those hundreds of paper rejections are gone and replaced by a mega battle of technology to find the best ways to get yourself noticed in the saturated market of e-books. So, if you're going to do it then be prepared or go out there and work hard, or otherwise get yourself a nine to five job, cos this one has much longer hours.

Ok, finished for today. That's my two penny's worth done with.  Come back to me if you have anything to add.

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