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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Excerpt, Chapter 3 To Market, Fantasy tale

Coming out in May 2013, Book 2 Flight of a Changeling.

Chapter Three, To Market

  ...Withdrawing from his father’s chambers, he rushed off to find Head Mage Heimarl. He would entrust this task to no one else and proceeded to the abode of the mages.
     A heavy dull storm threatened with deep rumblings in the distance, hiding in a murky yellowed sky. Sticky heat hung in the gloomy atmosphere. Unexpected cold chills drifted in little pockets of air and prickled the hairs when brushing over exposed skin.
     Amos had reached the town not even remembering his journey there. He marched through the market square, knocking over a cage full of noisy chickens in his haste. A child’s voice cried out complaining of the cold and beseeching her mother to cover her. A whistling wind swirled, blowing up flimsy canvas covers on the market stalls. Amos’s only thoughts were on reaching his destination and then returning to his father with a full assembly of mages and in his haste, collided head on into Heather, who was hurrying towards the palace...

The follow on to Book 1, Guardian Dragons of the Aarabassa World Series.

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