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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Book 2 Flight of a Changeling, Chapter 4

Another tiny piece from Book 2 'Flight of a Changeling' due to be released mid May 2013...

Chapter Four - Stables

Since the Red Moonwake that had overshadowed the city of Beldroth, heavy black storm clouds had mingled with sallow yellow skies, hovering over the heads of the citizens and threatening to unleash an almighty clatter.
   ‘I wish we could go to our green Willow tree,’ Leon said to Heather as she busily meandered around the stables attempting to choose a gallant horse for her travels.
    The stable boy made every effort to ignore them. He busily forked clean hay into each paddock. The Head Stable Master would have his hide if he did not finish cleaning out by the time of his return. Still he could smell the end stables where he had not even had chance to start mucking out the manure because the two nobles were lingering. A deep rumble of thunder grumbled in the distance.

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