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Friday, 12 April 2013

Excerpt, 'Flight of a Changeling', Book 2, Aarabassa World series - Out May 2013

     ‘What is this danger you speak of Alfred?’ Heimarl questioned. ‘What has unfolded?’
     ‘The news is grim telling,’ Amos replied for his father, entering the meeting chamber and walking over to stand by him. ‘My brother Raphael has been put at the greatest risk. His life has been threatened by the Emperor Morte-Bielz who Mindtalked to my father during his feverish illness. We must send out a troop of soldiers to trace Rikka and my brother. Evil is pursuing them. We cannot know if they live. until we track them down.’
     Heimarl sat back down in his seat, slowly taking in all that Amos said.
     When he had learned of his wife’s vision, he had quickly gathered the Head Mages and led them to the palace. Upon their arrival it had appeared as if they were expected, the King was already in the Council chambers. This could only mean that the vision had some potency.

Due to be released May 2013.

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