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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Excerpt, Book 2, Fantasy series, released in May 2013

Book 2, Flight of a Changeling, Fantasy Series, released in May 2013


Chapter Four  - The End of Peace 
 ‘My King,’ she began. ‘My Ruling Prince,’ Heather acknowledged Amos, ‘and my father,’ she finished. ‘Forgive me if I appear imprudent but I love Raphael as a brother of my own, as I do Leon and Amos. Like any other here, I would lay down my life to save him. And, it is that ....’
     ‘Heather you should not even be in this room’ Heimarl exclaimed in a sombre fatherly tone.
     ‘No father, that is where you are mistaken,’ Heather retorted. ‘My concern is for Raphael and I am the only one who can save him.’
     Again, the mages were unnerved with hushed voices and red irritated faces surrounded the table.
     ‘I am the Changeling,’ she declared. ‘None can do this but me. I can and will save my dear, dear friend Raphael, and you must all wake up to that fact.’
     She speaks the truth,’ the King quietly announced. ‘Your daughter is a brave girl Heimarl, to stand up to us with the reality staring into our faces that none of us dares to admit.’
     ‘She is not ready Alfred,’ Heimarl answered with fatherly concern. ‘I cannot allow this. In this room you have the highest powers of Lairkland at your disposal. My daughter is not yet a part of that.’
     ‘But, she is, Heimarl,’ Amos replied. Your daughter and I have already spoken of such a journey. Heather is the key and I see this as our only way. This monshaad Emperor is a threat to our way of life. As Minnah has foreseen he seeks to enter our lands, if he has not already done so in some devious way. It is time to set our plans in motion. He asks for the Changeling, well that is Heather. She is the only one. This will buy us more time to find my brother. I suspect that the captain is not going to have much luck in locating him. The Emperor would not threaten us so if he had not already captured my brother. Our time is short so, for now, we must look to be giving this cruel creature what he asks for, but we can do this on our own terms’
     ‘No. I forbid it. She is not to be used like this,’ Heimarl quickly defended his favourite daughter.     
     ‘The Guardian Dragons are the answer. They also have the ability to pass through the Wall. Why not use them as a means of gaining intelligence?’
     ‘The monshaad Emperor has already informed me of his distrust of our friends the dragons. He will have no dealings with them,’ the King spoke wearily, wishing all this woe would just simply vanish.
     ‘That’s preposterous,’ exclaimed Heimarl. ‘There is no more trustworthy beast in all of Aarabassa.’
     ‘They are our allies Heimarl,’ King Alfred reminded him. ‘They would gladly see the end of any Dark Lands creature, as would we.’ He well remembered the voice in his head warning him to send no other than the Changeling herself or his son would return to him in small parts. He dare not share this image with any.


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