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Monday, 9 September 2013

WINNERS of Guardian Dragons

Hap - Hap - Happy to announce another 2 lovely winners of Guardian Dragons as part of a Rafflecopter organised by

A FREE e-version goes out to 'K Jordan' and 'Desputaski' whom I have contacted today.

Hopefully they will also download the FREE e-version of Book 2 Flight of a Changeling between 19-21 Sept (3 days) on Amazon.

Book 3 of the fantasy series set on the world of Aarabassa is in its final editing stages. However, still needs a title and a book cover. I'm hoping it will be ready for October - watch this space.

Meanwhile if you want to learn more about the fantasy world of Aarabassa then take a quick peek at the website
Aarabassa Website


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