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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Excerpt Free fantasy ebook 19-21 sept

Chapter 5 Stables
Heather hugged him closely. She felt a strange shudder as the warmth of his body touched against hers. Her head rested on his youthfully broad chest, her nose nestled up into the soft skin of his throat. She felt his skin shudder as he swallowed nervously. His strong square hands stroked her long golden waves. She gazed up at his handsome face. Slowly their lips met and caressed lightly, their breath intermingling, sweet and warm. The pressure of the kiss increased as their lips moistened. With eyes closed, both hearts throbbed with a passionate longing. This was the meaning of their true friendship. Their love burst open like the bud of a flower, for all to see.
     The stable boy stopped his chores with dismay in his bulging eyes as he stared at the dreamy lovebirds. He chuckled cheekily with his stinking hand covering his mouth so no one would realise he was so amused. He could not wait to tell the kitchen hands who would tell the guards who would tell everyone.
     The warm loving kiss ended. Heather’s eyes remained closed while her body shivered with excited delight.
     ‘Leon,’ Heather whispered, leaning her head gently on his beating heart. ‘What shall we do?’ She managed to say as she inhaled her breathe to put air back in to her empty lungs.
     ‘We could just simply run away from everything and everyone,’ Leon panted, putting his loving hands gently at the sides of her head and staring into her tearful eyes. ‘Hah, what a notion. We finally discover our love and off we all go on a mad expedition to save the world. Raphael would indeed laugh at our predicament.’
     One thing I know for certain Heather, I shall not be far behind you. I will complete the tasks the King’s Council has set me and then follow your trail. I’ll not part from you for long. Raphael will be saved, and when we return and all is well again, we shall marry. This is what I truly desire.’
     ‘You know you can’t follow me into the Darklands Leon.’
     ‘I know that,’ Leon agreed with a lovesick tone. ‘But I don’t see why we can’t wed when this is over. What about it Heather? You and me, at long last coming together as we should, now that we’re both adults.’
     ‘Oh Leon,’ Heather could not help but laugh at Leon’s remarks. ‘We didn’t just become adults you know, we have yet to earn that. As for our marriage?’ She left this suggestion dangling.
     ‘Yes, Heather,’ Leon was eager for her to finish her sentence.
     ‘We shall just have to wait and see.’ Turning away from him so she did not have to see the look on his face, she quickly pulled away from his embrace. Heather looked down to the ground. Leon placed his long fingers under her tiny chin and lifted her gaze to his. They smiled into each other’s eyes. Leon would have stood glued to that spot for the rest of the moonwake but Heather pulled herself away and slowly they parted company. Words remained unspoken.

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