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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Writing List

My writing list seems to be ever growing like the Basil in my greenhouse. I like to think my writing is as tasty as the Basil but I suppose that's a matter of personal opinion. I am presently involved in a few writing projects:-

1 - Editing Book 3 to try and release asap - haven't got a title yet or a book cover
2 - Entered a short story competition based on a picture. Writing 500 words was a real challenge for me as I'm an epic sort of writer.
3 - Hoping my Halloween piece (mild horror) will be accepted by a small group of American authors putting together an anthology for October. I'm quite excited about this one as I've never participated with other authors before. Think I may do this one more often, Anthologies that is. Again it was a challenge keeping my wordage to 7-8k. I'll keep you updated with this one but I'm personally very pleased with my piece and excited about this project.
4 - Increasing the information on my website that is totally dedicated to my fantasy series set in the Aarabassa World
5 - I'm also trying to get more involved with Giveaways. It helps distribute Book 1 Guardian Dragon Latest Giveaway Link
6 - AND THIS - keeping my blog updated.

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