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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Life on Aarabassa (fantasy)

Fantasy World of Aarabassa - full of fantasy creatures good and bad.

I've chosen this particular picture as it represents the monshaads who live on the dark side of Aarabassa. Pretty nasty creatures but then you'd have to read the book to learn how they fit in with the story

Illustration ©Mark Payne

So, let's have some more details from my Aarabassa World Website. This time we will have a quick peek at the B section:-

Aarabassa World
Beldroth  = Human Royal City in Lairkland within the Lightlands.

Creatures & Characters
Bascas = Huge bat-like creatures that the vamplins use for flight.
Bhee =  Vamplin. Commander of the barbaric Northern tribes.
Bodice = Myeaz. Antiod. Queen.
Bryley = Huphin (mer-people). Princess. 10 Suncircles of age.

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