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Monday, 10 December 2012

Maggies Fall by Ricki Wilson

Maggie's Fall

A true-to-life family saga set in the contemporary west that is both endearing and well written. You won't want to miss this compelling tale. Kindle & paperback.

From the Author

I did not write Maggie's Fall to be either gender or genre specific. It was important to me that Maggie appeal to all readers who love a good story. While there are romantic elements in Maggie, it is not a Romance; nor is it a Western, although I hope it evokes the spirit of the west.

About the Author

Ricki Wilson is an independent author and professional educator from Oklahoma.  Growing up among genuine cowboys, Ricki learned at an early age to appreciate the true value of a good horse and a faithful dog.  Maggie's Fall, Wilson's first novel, is a tribute to both. 

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