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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


A major character from Book 1 Divided Realms (an upcoming trilogy of the Aarabassa World).

RAPHAEL - The youngest of three princes. The complications of birth leave him with fatal injuries and illnesses. It is believed his blood mixed with his mothers in the womb and became toxic. His mother, Queen Elma died giving birth to him. His father, the king, hates him because he loved his Queen and is lonely upon her death. Raphael is kidnapped as a young child,  by the evil Emperor Morte-Bielz and then rescued by a giant snake. The snake is Emperor Morte-Bielz's brother, the Ancient Mage Saurlton. Saurlton goes on to train Raphael to be his apprentice and all of Raphael' s weaknesses and injuries are cured by his increasing skills in magic.

The first 3 people to answer the following question will be emailed a copy of the Divided Realms Book 1 (in mobi version). If you like Fantasy Adventure then you'll love this tale of good versus bad, of family life, of dwarves, dragons and centaurs. Perhaps you may consider leaving that all important feedback on this blog or on Amazon.

QUESTION: What is the mother's name of Raphael?

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