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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Learning the Ropes as an Indie Author

Writing my book was by far more enjoyable than trying to wade through the etiquette of being an Indie Author. Trying to join so many Social Networks is not only time consuming but also difficult to remember what you have done where. So after changing all own sites such as my blog, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter accounts to now include my works as an author, I am now offering my book for FREE on other sites via people who do actually know what they're doing. 

So today's offer of a mobi version of my book Divided Realms is at the following the link:

I you're a Fantasy Adventurer, like me, then I implore you to give my book a read. I'm still awaiting my very first feedback from a reader. That will be the day I will have an idea of what someone I don't know thinks of my work. Meanwhile I await with eager anticipation.  

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