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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Author Support on the Social Network

Hmm, life for an Indie Author is not an easy one. We must find readers for our books, our Facebook pages, our blogs, our websites and anything else we care to join on the platform of social networking.

I'm a long way from achieving high numbers of Followers, on any one of these sites, but I constantly put out a hint in the hope of gaining just one more 'Follow' or 'Like' or 'Review', all of which we writers love to receive. Why? All an artiste wishes to do is show off their work for the entertainment of others. It's that simple.

So, anyway, if you don't want to follow any of these, then why not just join my 'Email' sign up. This way I only contact you when I'm about to publish something new OR running a promotion.

FACEBOOK: Please pop in and LIKE my page. I work on it daily.
BLOG: You can JOIN on this page that you are reading. I work on this weekly
WEBSITE: This one's fairly static but explains the fantasy world of my books
EMAIL SIGN UP: I just send you a message when something is about to happen in my publishing world as an author

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