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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Editing Problems of an Indie Author on a Shoestring Budget

I promised I would share with you, the hurdles I have jumped, since commencing my days as an Indie Author.

Next mega mistake, as a novice writer, was my editing skills. Whilst I had edited and re-edited and repeated this so many times, prior to publishing my first book, it was still a shambles, I'm ashamed to admit. Spelling was fine and grammar wasn't bad. It was just my style of writing was so immature, and I just couldn't see it.

Whilst at school, English was one of my best subjects. As an adult, it just doesn't come so natural, any more. Plus, now I'm all grown up, there's no teacher to mark it. I have forgotten all the technicalities of the English language. However, I set out to write because I love creating. I have now discovered that writing as an Indie Author isn't really about creating, it's about delivering. The writing is the easy part, and the most enjoyable part. Presenting that writing to the world in exchange for readers' money, is a whole new board game.

So, a million re-edits down the line and I'm still not selling many books. Professional editing is just not an option in my budget. Though you will hear many writers shouting loud enough, 'do not publish without professional editing', I had to ignore their advice. I simply continued to edit and improve, and it was all I could do.

A year down the line, I have finally found the solution. I now edit everything through electronic software. The one I use is the FREE version of and I am so joyous that I have found it. First, let me tell you, it is hard work. Editing is long and laborious, and no where near as much fun as creating. On the good side, it has improved my writing no end. I am now running every chapter, of all three fantasy books, through this programme. It is doing a wonderful job of tidying the grammar and presentation of my works. My writing style is finally improving.

When I have completed the electronic editing, it is my intention to release books 1, 2 and 3 as an omnibus which I have called Series 1. Not long after the release of the omnibus, I will publish book 4. The editing is much easier on my latest works, as I put them straight through the programme.

If you're an impoverished writer like myself, then I highly recommend putting your work through this kind of system. Once you have dragged your work through it, you will find your words flow much better. For me, it's my form of professional editing, and it's just another role I play in the life of an Indie Author.

NEXT TIME; I'm going to tell you why I split my large book into 3 smaller ones. Why this tactic? What were my expectations? Did it work?

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