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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

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Today we'll look at the 'D' Section of the fantasy world of Aarabassa

CHARACTERS & CREATURES (beginning with D)
Dahlia = Lightlands. Human. Grandmother to the 3 human princes. Mother to the human king.

Dallheim = Lightlands. Human. Chief of the Cherok tribe.

Davinia = Dark Elf. Queen. Darklands.

Dolphins = Gentle creatures of the seas within the Lightlands.

Dragons = Lightlands. Guardian dragons guard the Magic Wall. Civilised creatures. Speak through Mindtalk. Large and beautiful to look upon.

Dumla = Beetling. Darklands. Giant unhostile beetle-like creature. Farmed by vamplins for blood. Hard shells used to make things ie doors, cups, shelters.

Dwarves  = Lightlands. Human-type creatures. Average height approx. 3-4 feet. Speak with an accent within the context of the story. Neighbours and allies to humans. Miners of metal. Inventors. Live in rocky landscape. Some live in villages of 'tinnhutes', some in the caves where they Mine by building houses within the stone walls.

AARABASSA WORLD  (beginning with D)
Dayloon = This is the silver moon. When it is high in the sky in the Lightlands, the people and creatures are awake. It represents a measure of time called moonwake ie daytime.

= Rocky lands within the Darklands. The vamplin leader lives here.

For more information on the World of Aarabassa, please visit the website Aarabassa World Website

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