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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Book Tour JL Mcfadden Fantasy Horror & Romance

Today I welcome author JL Mcfadden who is visiting my blog on his virtual book tour for a book titled:-

Adela (The Guardian)

Adela: Is a beautiful young woman of a very wealthy family in Eastern Europe who is fending off advances from an older aristocratic German business man that has an evil presence about him. She falls madly in love with another man to see her father and his followers come under the attack and clutches of this barren try to use the enslavement of her fathers land and people to force her to be his own.


Before to we go on to meet the author let's click the link for his Giveaway:
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J.L McFadden is the Author of the Guardian Series:

Guardian, released, Adela, release in September, Chooses, release in December, Adela’s Lost

Guardian, March, more to be named at a later date. McFadden spins tragedy and romance into all of

his stories with picturesque descriptions that vividly paints and melts the scenes into your pleasure

cortex that is a valid and important part of every readers mind. ;) Jamie Lee was born in a mixed

Celtic and Slavic family in the river valleys of Pennsylvania, in his earlier years he played in bands in

New York and ended up working his way into H.Q of the largest musical retailer in the world Guitar

Centre; while working at the store level he managed multiple departments at once and handled all the

stores merchandising logistics. He has explored the world and became the first American to be

excepted into the Interregional Federation of Aikido Aikikai of Crimea & Sevastopol, where he enjoys

learning from great masters from around the world, where he has developed his himself. He explains

that the people rich and colourfully different people he has met spawned a lot of his characters.
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Armchair Time
Time to relax with a nice hot drink and imagine you're having a lovely little chat with our guest. Feeling comfy? Good, then let's begin...

Q. Are you a full time author or do you have another job aswell and if so how do either or these fit in with writing time?

A. Being my second book I am still trying to get my head around it, but I do write from time to time for a Ukrainian site. I am trying to make the leap to full time Author and have been blessed with lots of Authors lending a hand.

Q. Do you write on your novel daily or do you try to have days off?
A. I am a moody writer I guess, I will sit down and write sixty or seventy pages at a clip, but I cannot set myself to a schedule of an hour here or an hour there.

Q. Do you go back to published books and want to change them in any way?
A. My new Editor makes sure that I don’t want to change anything after we are done; I would have to say she is a complete blessing.

Q. Who do you think your book will appeal to?
A. I would have to go out on a limb and say younger and middle aged women, but It still has enough action in it to keep a guy happy or at least I hope it does.
Q. If you have a ‘baddy’ in your book, can you tell us a little about this character?
A. That would have to be Lord Roth, the man has a strange charm and a peal that seems to cast people under his charm, debonair, but yet still rough around the edges. He is used to getting his way and is a mastermind at bending the will of others.

Q. Is there any romance in your story and if so can you tell us a little about this?
A. Well in this book Adela has fallen in love with a young man named Donavan and there is a lot of flirting and someone who is mad about Adela trying to put a hamper on it, but they are not the only ones having a fling during the story,  

Q. If you have to write any fighting scenes, what are your best tips of how you create them?
A. Wow, for me in this book I tried to keep it more simple than my first, because the last book I explained in great detail. In Ukraine I am a member of  Interregional Federation of Aikido Aikikai of Crimea & Sevastopol and have been studying Jujitsu for ages.

Q. Do you ever write sad scenes and do you feel the sadness as you write it?
A. I think if you are not feeling the story, you audience is not going to feel it, so if I don’t feel any scene, I rewrite.

Q. Did you write as a child or did you come into your talent as an adult?
A. I have had teachers since the 8th grade pushing me to write, but I have just recently started to publish books.

Q. Can you give us a little insight into any fantasy characters in your latest book?
A. Two different types of werewolves, some are man-beasts and those who are just wolf and Vampires.

Q. Is your world in your book like earth or is it a fantasy world?
A. It is actually based on in Europe.

Q. What is the time period setting of your latest book?
A. 12 century

Q. Do you prefer to write as a series or one off books?
A. I have several series in my head, but I do have a couple one offs. Adela is part of a series, but I feel it should be read before the rest.

Q. Do you like to use lots of subplots or do you think just confuses?
A. I like to build a story and trying to make it unfold and not be confusing to people.

Q. Can you tell us a little about one of your sub plots in your latest book?
A. Adela, is a woman that and her father wants her to take control of his land and in those days that was unheard of, but the people that lived on this land all hoped for it, while others not from there rebuked the idea. One of the men that hated this idea was also madly enthralled with her, but also detested how the people seemed to treat her as a queen.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your protagonist and your antagonist and how they relate to each other?
A. Adela would be the leading lady in this story; she is a young and strong wild woman that loves all people.

Lord Roth is a greedy businessman that believes all people are just there to be used and is always enraged at how not only does Adela ignore his advances, but beats him to the punch every time he tries to do a power move to take the reins of the situation. He is tormented by her, all the men want her and she is the first person to ever be able to resist his Vampire charming.

Q. How do you think you would feel if you received a really bad review that seemed justified?
A. You have to take the knocks and grow with them.

Q. Do you think all readers should do reviews to help the writers improve?
A. I think readers should review to allow other readers to see what a book is about. I try not to be judgmental in my reviews; I tell people why I liked a book without spoiling the plot.

Q. When you receive reviews do you find yourself influenced to make changes?A. I am always trying to grow.

Thank you Jamielee for the opportunity of chatting with you on my blog today.

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