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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Chill of Winter Retail

Ok - Christmas is over and we're all getting into the swing of a work routine again. Not listed much over the festive season. As soon as it was over though the first thing I wanted to do was go stock hunting. Winter is a dull month for most retailers. I suppose Christmas has its advantages for some shops but for me it's a hard time. Can't find my stock as no car boots or flea markets. At the moment I'm totally relying on visiting Antique Fairs. Just been to one in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I spent about £100 which for me is an average amount. I always get quite excited when I'm buying stock cos I get to buy the things I like, which is quite fun. I'll try to find a fair every 2-3 weeks. I attend the odd indoor car boot where I will pick up mostly my vintage style ladies clothing.

As an update to this blog, whereby I intended to discuss the ups and downs as they happen, I would say my website shop is not doing so good. No matter how much I try to do as the experts inform me I should be doing, it just doesn't seem to be getting the sales. Ebay is still my main income source but their very strict rules are proving difficult to abide by. I am a very customer focused kind of seller, after years of being in public services, but am experiencing difficulties with ebay (see earlier blog). To be honest I think I may have been the victim of some unscrupulous opposition who has purchased something from me thus allowing them to leave terrible feedback. It is only one person but you really aren't allowed many hiccups as an ebay seller.

Whilst discussing ebay I must tell you of another recent experience whereby they banned a listing of mine for a cake knife. I didn't mind them taking the listing off but I also received a penalty of having breached their rules and you are not allowed many of these either. Incidentally I have never knowingly breached their rules. Anyway I messaged them with my astonished reaction as they have many cake knives still listed so why pick on mine. Turns out it was done in error and I can now re-list the cake knife so long as I don't call it a 'cake' knife - oh the mind boggles. I also had my penalty point reinstated. So my point here is that it is worth enquiring about, if you do have this sort of experience yourself.

So, we're all awaiting the arrival of 2012 - a time when every business thinks - this WILL be a good year. Overall my income is increasing with ebay sales so I'll keep on trucking - for now anyway.  Speak to you all in the New Year.

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