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Monday, 12 December 2011

My latest techy developments

whey hey - how cool am I !!!! Finally worked out how to open an account on Twitter AND open a business Page on Facebook. However, the finale is yet to come --- I actually managed to connect Twitter to Facebook - how clever am I ??? WHY??? I hear you ask - Because the experts tell me to do these things to get a higher ranking for my website. OH I hear you say - YOU MUST HAVE LOADS OF NEW SALES I hear you say - well, actually no-one reads my Tweets and no-one reads my Facebook page so not exactly sure it's of any use whatsoever.

Mind you I have also, whilst messing around sorting this lot out, managed to join a sort of forum group for likeminded vintage dealers on Facebook whereby, we can put our wares on show on the group page. So it's all techy stuff which can only be a good thing - can't it?

I'm not that excited really but I am trying all the top tips of things I should do to increase my place on the search engine ladders & spiders & bots etc. Don't think any of it is actually doing any good as my viewers haven't increased and my sales remain low.

On the bright side, the hitches I had with ebay, set out earlier in my blogs, seem to have passed over, I think. Ebay sales are doing good - thank goodness. We are receiving some lovely feedback, which makes one feel very good and like all this is really worth it.

Sales on my vintage style clothing is picking up a good pace to make it worth keeping. Sales on vintage style jewellery is happening but still early days so I'll keep it going a bit longer. Haven't done any Christmass advertising - no pennies for that sort of thing.

Anyway, what with Tweeting, Blogging, Facebooking, Ebaying plus my website daily updates, it's a wonder I have time to go to the post office with my orders. I'll try to pop in to my Blog before Xmas again but if not - have a merry one!

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