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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fantasy Excerpt: Guardian Dragons: Sea Whistle

Book 1 Guardian Dragons
Chapter 9 Sea Whistle:

‘Well, your mother Elma and Minnah ran off to the coastline, and invented a tune on the magic whistle.’

Grandma Dahlia threw up her arms, she told the story with her usual dramatic vigour.

‘They called up the biggest octopus the sea has ever known.’ She tended to exaggerate the details.

‘They were petrified. The octopus was furious that they had stirred him from his sleep. Told them exactly what he thought of them, playing with such an important instrument. Then he promptly sprayed them with a magical ink, and they both became invisible. Panicking, they dared not return home, their husbands might discover their mischievous deed.’

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