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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Creating a whole new fantasy world

This was the original cover on my first fantasy book. The two colours of the dragons represent good and bad. 

I created my fantasy world so long ago that I cannot remember exactly how I did it. What was the magical ignition that started my fantasy story? I'm not a note taker, so nothing was recorded to indicate where my thoughts were going, or coming from. 

I love to read a good old fashioned fantasy adventure with fantasy beings such as dwarves, dragons, elves and vampires. Remembering back, I know I had an itch to write a book. 

The basis for my plot was good versus bad. At that point in time it was quite popular to have a prologue. This is where I started. I wanted this part to be something historical and the rest of the story more up to date. With the good versus bad setting, the idea of dark and light was playing favour in my plotting. Hence was born the world that is half dark and half light. But, how could I keep the evil from the good? Magic, this is where I first introduced the element of magic, with a Magic Barrier dividing the world at the top of mountains, that go around the world like a belt. 

Now my problems were technical, because I had to come up with a feasible explanation of how the planet functions ie night and day. My theories of science are only loosely based on what I thought might work. The planet doesn't spin in the same way as the Earth around the sun. We spin with an axis, so sometimes one half is nearer the sun than the other (Summer) etc. My world spins in the same position, like a wooden top, round and round with no tipping. So the sun actually moves around the horizon but is always shining on the same side of the planet. 

So how would my beings sleep? That's where having two moons came in handy. When the silver moon (Dayloon) is in the sky of the light half (Lightlands), the beings are awake. When the red moon is high in the sky it is sleep time, though not dark. 

I realised I could not have seasons, so months and years were not going to happen on my planet. So I created Suncircles and Quarters. As I mentioned, it's not necessarily water tight science, but it can work if you don't think too hard about it. 

This is only a brief look at how it came together. Next time I'm contemplating upon my fantasy world, I'll tell you about how I created the geographical landscape of countries and different races.  

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