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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Social Media and Me

We are advised to do a great many things as self published authors. On my part I do lots of social networking; Blog, Facebook, Twitter and I have a Website.

Today I want to tell you about my Fantasy Website 

I created it, so there would be a place for readers to go, where they could find further information about the World of Aarabassa (a fantasy world I have created for my series).

On the Home page I have icons of each of my books with links to Amazon if you click on them. I also have a link to my SIGN UP for my emails. Recently I started adding images to my characters, so I always show the latest character picture on this page. There is also a link to my BOOK TRAILER for Book 1, Guardian Dragons. Then a comments form and finally my Author Bio.

The next page in my menu leads to each of the books. On these pages, there are links for buying. Also, on the same pull down menu, is a page that includes Reviews from readers.

For me, the next page on the menu is the most exciting. Here we have a pull down menu, in alphabetical order, of characters and places from the World of Aarabassa. It is upon these pages where I'm putting the character images.

There are another couple of pages, and then I finish off with an Excerpts page.

This website is free with Weebly. However, this has it's drawbacks as there are little in the way of extras. Readers cannot sign up to follow, so I have no idea how popular or not this site is. There is little in the way of interacting with viewers of the blog. They can message me, but that's about it. There are some basic stats that I look up occasionally, indicating how many visitors.

I spend the least amount of time on my website, than I do on the other Social Networking platforms. We'll save Facebooking and Tweeting for another time. 

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