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Friday, 14 March 2014

Fantasy Book Review:Succubus Blues-R Mead

BOOK REVIEW: 4/5 stars

Succubus Blues: 1 (Georgina Kincaid 1) [Paperback] 

Richelle Mead

Good all round fantasy story. I found the beginning a bit mundane ie characters going about their everyday lives on Earth such as going to work, coming home etc. Approximately a third of the way through, I really started to enjoy things a bit more as the action started. The plot is based a lot on relationships developing and I'm not a great romantic. However, the author managed to capture me in the web weaving plot of murders, and the main female character soon grew on me. I would have liked to have got to know the vampires better, but they were more background people. Will definitely go on to read the next book in the series

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