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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Guardian Dragons receives great reviews for 2014

FANTASTIC Reviews for Book 1 Guardian Dragons:-

My THANKS go to reader Laurie for an amazing 5.0 out of 5 stars in January

Dragons...Love them = January 11, 2014 By Laurie Johnson

The more I read of the Guardians and the world they live in the more I love the book. The description of people and places made you feel like you were there.

Meeting the characters and learning their roles in saving the world was an awesome read. The difference between the twins and where they went in life surprised me. I didn't expect it when I met them. The dragons are protectors of the magical wall between the two worlds of Light and Dark.

Heather is known as the "Changeling" and is the only person who can cross through the magic wall..She is adventurous and anxious to see what she can do as a Changeling. Her childhood friend, Leon, is one of the kings sons and is much more reserved than Heather but he can not tell her no and they always try to out do each other on their quests. Heather decides she wants to see if she can change into a sea creature and survive underwater. Leon summons Prince Gadon (ruler of the underwater Huphins)to help him with the request. Meanwhile things are happening that are about to change their world as they all know it.

My THANKS go to reader DaniGirl for a wonderful 4.0 out of 5 stars

A Very Interesting Read! February 16, 2014 By DaniGirl

I found Guardian dragons a very interesting read, the world is unlike any I have previously read and drew me in quickly which is always great to find! Although the first book was about meeting the characters and setting up the issues for the rest of the series I finished it eager to read the second book! There are a lot of characters and each of them different from the others, and of course awesome new creatures to meet. I loved the ideas and species that this book introduced, and I think this series has great potential to become an amazing series! Its a great read to any fantasy lover. I'm off to read the second book, Flight of a Changeling! I'm anticipating that book to be a 5 star rating

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