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Friday, 21 February 2014

Featured Author, D White writes a Paranormal Ghostly Tale

This weeks Featured Author is Dylan White (Goodreads - Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia & Romance Readers, Writers & Reviewers) 

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 Crossover: 3 (The Apparition Trilogy) 

Dylan White

The pressures keep piling on for Jade. She has to meet with a mysterious old woman, she has to keep Sean from going Dark, she has to face a swarm of Feeders, and -- on top of all that -- she has to get a job. With Sean’s intentions cast into doubt, Jade also has to do some digging into his past. What she unearths could not only endanger their relationship, but Jade’s life as well. Now Jade has to keep secrets from Sean as much as he’s been keeping them from her. Jade knows, eventually, everything must come to light. And when it does, Jade might have to die to have a love worth living for ...

About the Author

Dylan White has written "The Apparition Trilogy," an award-winning play, this biography, and two others. He doesn’t like coffee is just fine with people thinking he’s weird because of it. He lives in his own little world but makes his home with his wife and two children who amaze and inspire him every day.


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