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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Quotes From an Author's Creations

It's "QUOTES" time from my published & unpublished works:-

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     "Bryly felt a tug on her tail. Something had grabbed a hold of her. That could not be a Shark, she could not feel any cutting teeth. Still bouncing on the surface of the water she attempted to look down and see what creature assisted the sharks in her capture. She saw a long tentacle. It wrapped itself around her waist and pulled her under the water. Another tentacled arm grabbed at her arms to stop her from swimming. She was glided along with the sea current. The sharks stayed a distance away but followed as she was dragged through the oceans."
Book 1 Guardian Dragons Chapter 16 The Chase
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" 'Can you fly human Prince? Are you able to reach your father from a ship, surrounded in the ocean by creatures that I rule? I think not.'
'I’m going to kill you monshaad. I swear I will end your feeble rule.' "

Book 2, Flight of a Changeling, Chapter 15 Sharks Tale
Book 2 amazon worldwide link

SEEMS I FORGOT TO DO BOOK 3 so no quotes this time.

BOOK 4 Not yet published:-
The monshaad’s yellow shadow altered slightly as he moved his hooded shaped head, he watched her stalking the group.
It appears we both have something in common my dear. Brothers who need to be destroyed. Treat this as a practice run Lady. My army is at your disposal.

A teaser from a novellete that I'm currently having a go at:-
‘Just this shake, thanks,’ he said to her, hardly even bothering to raise his head as he passed her the money for the milk shake.

She didn’t bother to smile at him, mind you she didn’t want to smile at him. He was a jerk anyway.

She watched as he walked away, a girl hanging on to his arm and the whole group laughing at something he said. Still the centre of attention.

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