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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Have you got what it takes to be an Indie Author in 2014?

This has got to be one of the most informative articles I have ever read as an Indie Author. I love Molly Green's blog anyway, but this article has made me her no.1 fan.

PotOfGold+Rainbow_OpMolly has basically read the many blogs out there that have covered 'Publishing in 2014 - Predictions'.  This in itself would have taken me hours of scanning the net. Thanks to Molly I have the summarised version right before my very eyes that takes me minutes to read. I am humbled to be honest. Molly has saved me so much time and this article is vital to my future as an Indie Author.

(Molly Green's blog article:  "...there are a couple of verrrry interesting comments I think may help us all on our quest for that pot of gold.") Direct Link to Molly's Blog

Already my cogs are turning and I am thinking 'oooo I have to do that and I must do this'. 'That' and 'This' being:-

1 Thank goodness I am already do everything within my ability to reach INDIVIDUAL readers. (Mark Coker, Smashwords "Platform is King".)

2 I'm definitely looking into producing an audio book. (Thomas Umstattd Jr. "Audiobooks will have another year of double digit growth [in 2014]. As the fastest growing book format, it will get more attention leading to even more growth.")

3 I'm now looking into joining Scirbd (Mark Coker, Smashwords "Subscription ebook services will change the game. If ebook subscription services [most notably Scribd and Oyster, which charge a monthly fee for limitless reading] make their business models work, they’ll shift how readers value and consume books.)
4 I'm so glad I've started to enter competitions for flash fiction. This has led on to my creating a novella which I hope to release as a one off - I'm usually an epic series kinda writer. (Penny C. Sansevieri for HuffPo More is better. Short is the new long.)

5 I'm glad I stuck with the FREEBIES even though every bone in my body kept telling me NOT to give my work away.(Penny C. Sansevieri for HuffPo  Putting solid, free content out there will bring in new customers by the truckload.) Okay I've never actually had truckloads of sales but I do believe Freebies every now and then is a good thing in such a saturated market.

These are only a very few of the highlights in this article. There is a wonderful link to many more predictions that are definitely worth have a look at and, incorporating into you 2014 Business Plan or Action Plan or whatever you want to call Forward Planning. 

Of course you need to read the article and related links for yourself, but for me it indicates exciting times ahead. Writing is not only a challenge in the 'creation of your works', but also a challenge in 'getting yourself noticed'. AND, I for one love a challenge. 2014 here I come...

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