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Monday, 9 December 2013

New images to the Aarabassa fantasy website

Just added some new images to the Aarabassa fantasy world website where you can find out all about the world of my books.

PictureFirst let me introduce you to Prince Leon. He is the middle of the three brothers. Madly in love with Heather. He is going to become a real adventurer, hopefully. A writer can make these plans then end up in an entirely different direction. The characters tend to decide for themselves.


I've also added the image of the evil monshaad wraiths. This image has already been featured in the Book Trailer for Book 1 Guardian Dragons on Youtube
These guys are pretty nasty 'gas bags' for want of a better word. Like to eat souls and drive people's minds nuts.

Finally, I have added an image of Raphael, the youngest of the three brothers. Born very frail but you really must keep reading the series to find out how he develops.

You can meet all of these guys in Book 1 Guardian Dragons on Amazon Worldwide

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