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Friday, 13 December 2013

Follow Your Instincts

I read, as I'm sure many other writers also do, so many articles telling, advising, suggesting so many ways to write, publish, edit, blah blah blah. I'm awash with such advice that I truly sometimes feel like I'm drowning in it.

I'm  a great fan of Molly Green's blog. Often she invites experienced writers to talk about mutual subjects of interest within the writing world. This one however,  is written for us by Molly, and I think it is a refreshing piece of advice.

This is a similar 'take' on my own convictions, but written by someone who knows a lot more about the marketplace than I do. It makes some good comparisons on 'what the majority advise us to do'.  It was good to actually find someone who is NOT convinced by all the gobbledegook we novices tend to be persuaded by.

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I quote "Decide what’s right for you, even if it goes against popular opinion."

To read the full article, and it is worth looking at, please follow this

I once left a writers group on Facebook because the Administrators kept harping on how we should NEVER dare to publish until we have our work professionally edited. This would be great in an ideal world but not everyone has the financial means for this. I agree there is some rubbish appearing on the forefront of books sales and frankly I don't want to pay money as a reader for such dribble. However, I have read some fantastic tales that had a few editing errors, that I might never have read if these writers had listened to such advice. Yes, I am guilty of publishing without a professional editor. Yes my book did need further editing after publishing. And, Yes, I'm still constantly taking it off line to edit out the gremlins that I keep missing. But that doesn't mean the way I'm doing it is wrong. I have the power to continuously edit and improve my book.

My own 'ten penneth' piece of advice is, follow your own instincts. Sure read articles, but don't take the entire things to heart. Read MANY articles and then surmise your own way of doing things. If I copy a recipe, I NEVER do as it says. I use the recipe as a baseline but do my own take on the meal creation. And so, this is my philosophy with the writing world.

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