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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fantasy excerpt still in draft format

I thought I'd give you a small excerpt from Book 4 that presently has no title and no ending and is not yet published.

When starting a new book, my first draft is exactly that. I will write three quarters of the book with no editing whatsoever. Then I go back to the beginning and edit all the way through. Only then will the ending start to emerge.

However, the title can be a bit like a new born, nameless even after birth. Often I will think of the title only the day before publication. Not too good with titles, they seem to take the longest to create.

So here you are; a piece that is only once edited and may change completely yet:-

‘Oh, there you are Vellar. This water is really not enough to wet a shrimp.’
‘What be a shrimp Bry? what be one of them?’
‘It is a tiny, tiny thing, just like this bit of water.’
‘Master say we keep following big rocks, so I must tread this path Bry. I do try to find water for you but Master, he says big rocks is important for me. I must look for rainbow of lights and it will feed me forever, then I not be hungry anymore. Then we can find you your ocean of water to feed you.’
         ‘I know Vellar, I know you only want to please your Master but my skin really hurts sometimes. I will try not to complain so much.’
The two young beings came together. The larger one scooped up the smaller one in his human shaped giant arms, and they went on their way. The larger one walked with giant human looking legs. The ground vibrated in his passing. He hugged his friend gently in his giant hands and would allow no danger to her very tiny being. She was every piece of joy he could ever find. All around him lingered coldness, and noise and so many other frightening things, that he clung to her very solidness and felt the confidence of happiness. His Master had promised he would soon be safe. All he had to do was find the rainbow wall.

If I've perhaps managed to grab your interest just a teensy bit, you might be interested in the rest of the series.

Book 1, Guardian Dragons Amazon Worldwide link for Book 1
Book 2, Flight of a Changeling Amazon Worldwide link for Book 2
Book 3, Blood Bride Amazon Worldwide link for Book 3

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