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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Seeking a Beta Reader for a Fantasy Book

I made the hard decision many months ago to publish my books without a professional editor. Some writers would say this is big mistake. To some extent I agree with them. However, funds are low and it was either sit on my work forever or go ahead and do the best I could on my own. I will not say it's been easy. I have had to pull my book off many time to edit those errors. Even now I keep finding the little gremlins. 

So now I've heard of Beta Readers. Not sure exactly what their role is but if you are one, perhaps you could enlighten me. I'm hoping a Beta Reader will scan the 3rd book in my fantasy series on the Aarabassa world before I go to publication. Plus help me a bit with a title and a cover. 

If you are a Beta Reader perhaps you could kindly consider this impoverished author who is attempting to edit as professionally as possibly on a nil budget. 

All help gladly accepted. Just message me on my email cathy AT vintageplaza DOT co DOT uk or leave a comment here. 

Just thought I'd ask...

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