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Monday, 14 October 2013

Aarabassa Fantasy Website visit

We haven't had a visit to my upcoming Aarabassa World website for a while. So today I'm posting from the C section:-

Aarabassa World:-
Chervvin: Huge Forest lands. Gets lots of rain. Tree Fairies reside as Forest Keepers.
Crakion: Open dry Plains where the Cherok tribes and Centaurs live

Characters and Creatures:-
Centaurs:- Highly intellectual and civilised. Horses body & legs. Human torso & head. Live with the Cherok tribes as equals. Lightlands.
Cherok Tribes:- Human. Horse lovers. Live with the Centaurs as equals. Lightlands.

I'll let you in on a little secret. As I make up my words in this beautiful fantasy world, I use not only other languages but also muddle up already existing places on earth. The Chervvin Forest Lands comes from 'The Chevin' which is a big hilly woodlands where I live in the UK. Sometimes I can't always remember how I've put a 'made up word' or unusual name together.

Anyway to find out more please visit my website uniquely dedicated to the world of Aarabassa and all who live within her lands. Aarabassa Website

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