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Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Festival Murder

‘I suppose your son has joined in the search?’ the stable boy asked the old woman.
Rikka was slow in body but not in mind.

‘The men search up in the mid-mountains, so I reckon he’ll be with them, but the women have already found her bloodied body, it’s horrible,’ his face contorted, reflecting the horror he felt.
Rikka feigned concern.
‘Aah, poor lass. How many suncircles was she?’
‘She was with child in her belly,’ he expressed agitated.
‘Aah, I see now.’ Rikka really did not need to hear more but the lad clearly had more to tell.
‘They say the biggest of hogs got loose and sought its revenge on our kind. She was beaten to a pulp and her child taken out and eaten.’

Book 1 Guardian Dragons Chapter 2 A Festival Murder 

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