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Friday, 30 August 2013

An introduction to the Aarabassa World background

I'm hoping to interact a little more with my new Website Aarabassa Fantasy World. For simplicity the information is in alphabetical order so this should be fairly methodical and hopefully informative.

There are two main categories, one is of the 'world's geography and its environment' and the other is about the 'peoples and characters'. So, the obvious place to begin with is the A section:-

Aarabassa  A world with one sun and two moons. One half is in constant twilight and darkness, the other half is in constant sunlight.
Archeronian Oceans  Large ocean in the Darklands that is situated between the ice caps and the mainland. Topped with glaciers and floating ice bergs. Underneath are the deep dark and eerie depths.

Abapes Ape people – (Abapions) gentle, strong, simple, huge hairy human like body with ape face  – servants & carers of dragons.
Ajarrk  Vamplin. Commander. Good friend to Leader Fiendrac.
Alfred (Gilgam) Human. King. Age around 54 suncircles
Amos (Gilgam) Human. Heir. Age around 21 suncircles. Eldest of three brothers.
Ancient Mage Human. Changeling. Also known as Saurlton Barronz. Brother to the Emperor.
Anyetta (Longbard) Dwarf. Princess.
Apsle Dragon. King.

If you want to know more then click the link above for the Aarabassa Fantasy World website.

If you want to read more about this world and these peoples then you buy Guardian Dragons, Book 1 of the Fantasy Series set on this world.

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