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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

One Woman's Quest Website


I'm happy to inform you that my Author Website is now expanding (link above).

I have a reasonable introductory page:
Link to book trailer
Brief outline of text plus Index
Author Biography

Page 2: - Published Books
At first you can go into the page with just the blurb & book cover
Then you have the opportunity to go into each book with more detail of a brief synopsis plus links to where published and how much to buy

Page 3 :- Aarabassa
Here I will have pages within in alphabetical order. On each one there will be the name of places, events, time laps etc and brief descriptions. Done to B,

Page 4:- Characters and Creatures
The layout is much the same as page 3 but details of characters and creatures you will come across in the series.

Page 5:- Link to this blog - so you can have the best of both worlds

Not many pictures on yet but I hope to add them ... eventually.

If you have a minute please pop along and see how I'm doing. All comments very welcome. 

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