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Friday, 31 May 2013

Change is Afoot

It's an annoying trait I have when I decide something can be improved. I'm probably best to leave things alone but I think it must be the artiste in me. I have to get it right. That's what I love about having e-books. It enables the writer to change things and improve the story telling.

I made a decision to keep very low key with my marketing at the moment. This is while I make a few changes to Book 1, Guardian Dragons part of the Aarabassa World series. A nattering feeling I had told me I had to do this. It doesn't alter the overall plot but I feel it will help one of the sub-plots to flow better into Book 2, Flight of a Changeling.

Once this is complete I will then inform Amazon who then notify any past customers that a new version of the book they bought is available for them. I'm also going to change the cover so that it becomes a separate edition within itself and leaves behind the original edition.

What will my readers think of this, I asked myself? Well I am also an avid reader and if I enjoyed a book then I would not mind alterations to improve it. It's just like an updated piece of software. You can replace each version with its update.

So I'll be reporting on my blog when all is to be revealed and you will hear me shouting as my marketing becomes noisy again.

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