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Friday, 15 March 2013

Tell me about your imaginary worlds

Today I had an epiphany, my quest is to find all the different worlds in everyone’s imagination.
I love to write and make believe, but my second love is the the wonders of the universe. I am absolutely fascinated by all the different theories of that never ending space. I love to read them all and soak in the information like I am a big sponge and just want more. The thought of so many possibilities is simply mind boggling. I’ve met some people who find it terrifying and truly do not like the thought that we spin around in a never ending space just waiting to be gobbled up by the black holes within.

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I invite all you fantasy and sci fi thinkers to tell me about your worlds. You may include the people and creatures and even the different cultures but try not to focus on any particular characters. This is a collation of worlds and not the adventures within them.

I am no expert, not an astrologer or even an astronomer, I cannot draw, I cannot write music or even sing but I do possess the will to create. I will begin my quest with my own world and await for others to join mine in this imaginary universe or, if we get too many it can be a multiverse. There can never be too many as the space is supposedly never ending so we can all fit our worlds within.

I ask that you try not to talk about your books or the characters, there are plenty of other blogs for that. I want your imaginary worlds, this is after all my quest. By all means give a link to any books that take place within these worlds at the end of your piece, because if readers like your worlds they will most certainly want to investigate them, I know I will. Let’s also not get too involved in the technicalities of whether or not our worlds can conceivably exist, this is a collation of imagination. Maybe these are remnants of our memories  and who’s to say these are not places we have been in our past lives, whoa there goes my imagination running away again.

To start the collection of a humans’ ideas of one of the worlds within the multiverse of imagination, I will give you the world of Aarabassa. This will be my next article and will give you an idea of what I am seeking in my quest. Meanwhile feel free to send me those articles to of which I will include in my quest on this blog and I will notify you when your world is to be showcased.

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