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Monday, 4 March 2013

Marketing Strategies for an Author

What am I up to of late? Learning, is my answer. I'm busy trying to learn all the marketing strategies to tell the world I'm an author, please read me.

I have an account in Goodreads, a great place to talk about my favourite pastime - books. I have just updated to an Author Account. I hadn't realised this was the done thing on Goodreads and now I have announced this, I'm hoping other members might have a look at my book.

I'm also putting together a trailer and really enjoying the planning stages. That's as far as my participation goes as I'm hoping someone with the know-how will actually achieve my dream trailer. I felt it was really important to do this for Part 1 as this is the book that begins the tale. However, it will take time so unfortunately it's not about to happen at this exact moment. Certainly I will be very loud when it's ready for release.

I'm also looking into the podcast side of things. The plan in my head at the moment is to podcast each chapter separately but, I still need to educate myself on this one. If this is possible then I have to consider who's voice will tell the tale. I'd like Stephen Fry but somehow I don't think he'll be available for a new indie author. My second choice would be a lovely Irish or Scottish lilt but that's also unlikely. So I think it will end up being myself with my broad Yorkshire accent. Again, I'll shout if and when this happens.

Finally, I'm trying to find a good cover for Part 2, The Flight of the Changeling. This is due to be released in May 2013 so I'm presently concentrating a lot of my efforts at finalising the last stages.

If you haven't managed to read Part 1 Guardian Dragons yet, then please grab a copy and let me know what you think.

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