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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Guardian Dragon's Trailer just released

I'm very excited to announce the release of a trailer for my book Guardian Dragons.
Guardian Dragons Trailer
It might still need tweeking a bit here and there but for a first effort I am very pleased with it. My eldest son put it together for me and it was ready for Mother's Day so I had a great day.

I've tried to focus it on the main events and characters of the story and perhaps may have given away a bit of the plot but it's only done in an abstract way. It's 2 minutes long so that should be short and to the point.

Scene 1 Book cover for the introduction
Scene 2  an abstract scene of the pro-log
Scene 3 an opening scene from Chapter 1
Scene 4 A shot of Heather, our heroin, Changed into a huphin (mermaid)
Scene 5 A drawing of the human king looking pretty miserable as he's possessed by the evil Emperor
Scene 6 The best drawing I could find that described my evil monshaad creatures
Scene 7 A brief explanation of what the dragons overhear the vamplins discussing
Scene 8 The dragon Queen takes this news to the Ancient Mage, a Changeling
Scene 9 Finishing with a picture of Rikka, a witch

We decided not to put the link information on the video itself as no one can link into it in that method, but the info is in the 'description' which are the words just below the video screen.

 I would welcome any feedback if anyone has a chance to pop along and have a quick look.

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