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Friday, 15 March 2013

The Imaginary World of Aarabassa

Aarabassa is world set in half twilight and darkness and half sunlight & bright sunshine. This is because one side never spins towards the sun. Hence we have the Darklands and Lightlands.

There are two moons that rotate separately thus creating Dayloon and Nytloon. When the blue-silver moon is within the sky it is known as Dayloon, the creatures of the Lightlands are awake. When the red-orange moon is within the sky it is known as nytloon and most of the creatures within the Lightlands are at rest.

Further separating the two lands is a Magic Wall. This was created by a mage to stop the evil monshaads from entering the Lightlands. The dragons live in the mid-mountains of the Lightlands near the Magic Wall. Only the dragons and Changelings can pass through the magic barrier. 

Not all creatures within the Darklands are evil. There also live the vamplins. These are human like civilised people. Their skin is very pale because they have never lived within the brightness. They farm and feed upon the blood of a huge creature called the Beetling. They live within ichales, buildings made of ice, and also within caves. They do not kill to feed. The evil monshaads rule the Darklands. These are wraiths of yellow and green gasses. They often take the shape of a human with a cloak and hood but they have no real form of body. They are the results of evil magic and communicate by Mindtalk. They are also capable of possessing the innocent to do their will. There are other races such as the elves, who live underground. 

Within the Lightlands there exists humans, dwarves, centaurs, dragons and fairies. A royal family rule the human lands from the city of Beldroth. Within the oceans exist a race of mer-people called huphins. They are highly intelligent and rule all the creatures of the oceans. Another place within the Lightlands are the desert lands. Here exist a race of lizard people known as listards who’s main aim in life is to make money. They also deal in transport across the desert lands.  Their neighbours are a race of antoids (giant ant people) known as myeaz. The myeaz run the mines of precious stones.  All races within the Lightlands trade with one another. Generally the Lightland creatures are a happy lot. 

To learn more about the people and adventures of Aarabassa you might wish to read Part 1 of my new fantasy series. This is titled Guardian Dragons and is available as an e-book and paperback from Amazon worldwide.

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Any other fantasy or sci fi fans out there, please send me a brief of your imaginary world so I can add it my universe of new worlds.

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