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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Still Here

Ok, no blog writing in October but business is sooo quiet there's very little to brag about. Still selling via ebay. Now the end of Car Boot sales so back to struggling for winter stock.

I'm also concentrating a lot on publishing a novel via e-books on Amazon of which I'm quite excited about. If you like Fantasy Adventure then you might be interested my fantasy world where dragons and humans and many other creatures live. Rather than start another blog I'll probably include details in this one and change the name to incorporate both my business and my book.

Sounds a good idea to the make this blog about the things I do in this wonderful life. So I will say to any readers - Hi, I'm a mother (note mother and not mum as my children are all grown up) of 4. That is 3 boys and a girl, age range from 17-30yrs. Plus I'm a very proud and happy grandma of a boy and a girl - can't wait for more! I have a wonderful hubby (32yrs), who supports me in most things I do. I'm always penniless. I don't drive a car as it's far too expensive to learn these days. I don't have a very big social circle. One of my pet hates is that I just can't give to charities - don't they realise that some of us do actually need every penny we earn and really don't have any to spare. I can't even really afford to buy clothes from charity shops as they're getting really expensive. A pet hate of mine and I won't go on about it any more. I believe that 90 % of the population are nice and just a tiny percentage are not very nice people. At my ripe old age of 53 yrs I could tell a tale or two but we should live for the now, not the past or the future but the now, as that is where we are at. I have 2 dogs (one from a Trust and one we got as a puppy). I love them dearly. And of course I love to read Fantasy Adventure. Enough I hear you say. Yeah I think we can surmise I'm a pretty ordinary, boring sort of person. I'll be back in November with an update of business and book. Bet you just can't wait.

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