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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August - Endings, Continuations & Newbies.

I will be saying farewell to Cathys Curios website today. As soon as I've upated my blog I'm then going on to close down the website. It's not a sad day as I have learned a lot about e-commerce shopping. Plus it certainly isn't the end as I'm still selling via all the other methods I've mentioned in previous blogs. If you're going to run a lone website, then it is definitely worthwhile tracking down good SEO support and paying them. It's a bit like painting and decorating, we can all have a go and do an unprofessional mess at it, or we can hire the craftsman who will do a good job. I learned about SEO and I did SEO but it was never quite good enough. I did the quality 2-way links, keywords, quality homepage, quality products amongst other things. If I decide to run another lone website then I will definitely invest some money into an SEO expert. No more self decorating for me.

My new name is now Vintage Plaza UK - much more keywordy than Cathys Curios was. It's taken a lot of time to change all my titles in all my freebie shops ie Groovy Cart, Ebay (not that ebay is in any way free). Presently I have all my sites linking to my ebay shop whereas before they would have linked in to my lone website. So this is by no means the end.

Ebay is still slow and getting slower by the day. Some blame the Olympics, Some blame the economy or the sun, me I don't have a clue but it is difficult riding the slow periods. Particularly if isn't just a second income, which it isn't for me. I simply don't know or understand why ebay has suddenly slumped. Plus of course, less profit means a decrease in purchasing stock so my quantity is slowly decreasing as well.

I've also opened a shop on Etsy UK. Not sure how it will do as Etsy has long been known for its home made products, but time will tell. Ok folksies nothing much to do but moan relentlessly at the moment but the main point is, I have not given up! Hopefully next month I'll be boasting of how well I'm doing and moaning about how busy I am. Ah well - off to close down a website - bye for now

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